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Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 7

1) The organization that owns all the copyrights of DDC is … A. OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), Ohio B. Forest press C. Oxford University press D. R.R. Bowker 2) The first edition of DDC was published in the year … A. 1875 B. 1876 C. 1877 D. 1879 3) ‘The Punjab Library Primer’, a book on Library Science, […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 6

‘Bibliography’ is — word. A. An English B. A German C. A Greek D. A Spanish Bibliomania means … A. passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books B. Conservation of rare material C. Historical bibliography D. None of these Bibliophobia is a term used for a person who scares of … A. Fire B. Water C. […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 5

  1. Xerographic process is categorised under
    1. Photographic process
    2. Reflex method
    3. Silver halide process
    4. Electrostatic process

    Answer: b

  2. The ‘Study abroad’ is a/an
      1. Encyclopedia
      2. Year book
      3. Directory
      4. Handbook

    Answer: d

  3. The ‘User Profile’ is a
    1. List of descriptors
    2. List of useful citations
    3. List of users
    4. Statement of user information

    Answer: d

  4. Phoenix schedules are part of
    1. DDC
    2. BC
    3. UDC
    4. LCC

    Answer: a

  5. ‘Universal Bibliographical Control’ is a programme of:
    1. FID
    2. IFLA
    3. UNISIST
    4. ALA

    Answer: b

  6. The standard size of a catalogue card is
    1. 12.5 cm X 7.5 cm
    2. 12 cm X 7 cm
    3. 11 cm X 5 cm
    4. 10 cm X 4 cm

    Answer: a

  7. The standard size of a catalogue card is
    1. 5 inch X 3 inch
    2. 4 inch X 3 inch
    3. 4 inch X 4 inch
    4. 3 inch X 3 inch

    Answer: a

  8. RDA related to
    1. Classification
    2. Cataloguing
    3. Searching
    4. Browsing

    Answer: b

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 4

ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to Classification Management ICT Standards Answer: b The subject of Research Methodology is the outcome of the mode of formation of subject, known as Loose Assemblage Fission Distillation Cluster Answer: c IIA founded in U. S. A. In 1968 stands for Integrated Industry Association Information Industry Association Integrated […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 3

________ is an important record of books, which shows the position of any book on the shelves. (A) Bay Guide (B) Authority File (C) Accession List. (D) Shelf List Answer: (D)   Books lost from the library are known through ________ (A) Stock verification (B) Charging and discharging (C) Shelf list (D) Accession Register Answer: […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 2

(1) Intellectual property means? A. Books B. All reading material C. Intellectual thoughts D. All of the above (2) … Law of Library Science stated by S.R. Ranganathan relates to the growth of libraries … A. Fourth law If. First law C. Second law D. Fifth law (3) American Library Association was established in … A. […]

Library and Information Science MCQs

The first law of library science enunciated by Ranganathan is … A. Library is a growing organism B. Books are for use C. Every book its reader D. Save the time of the reader Bibliographical information is related to … A. Details concerning a publication B. Information about library timings C. Information about the number of […]