PPSC LIS Lecturer Interview questions 2020

Introduction, define your self

Current job/Experience, Teaching experience

Virtual library and digital library

References and bibliography

Card catalogue and Marc

Indexing and abstracting

Impact factor

Websites,What is .com, Commercial website

DDC Numbers


Evaluation of resources, Information literacy

LIS Journals name, Pakistani and international


Information retrieval system

Digitization process 

Differentiate gazette and gazetteer

Differentiate magazine and journal

Abbreviate URL

Library marketing

How can we motivate students towards college library?

Enumerated classification

Health related websites

Reference library

best college library of Lahore

Difference between librarian and archivist

Best Public Library

DDC number of history of punjab
Difference between bibliography and catalog
LC schem
APA stand for
Binder title

Research topic ?

Parchment and vellum ?
Demographic segmentation? ,Which type of library mainly using it ?
from which period personal library concept arise?

how national library differ from other types of libraries?
Is it necessary a catalog in digital library should be computerise if yes then is there any importance of traditional catalog ?

When public libraries concept came into being and why? 

Pakistan archives council ?

What specific name given to that era in which public libraries concept came into being

Secondary sources
Index source name? 
1st public Public library of world

Type of Alexandria library