Information officer required at Riphah International University


  1. To type on a computer all, type of list of books, journals, and library correspondence.2. To keep the record of library furniture, fixture, and inventory items and all the material (i.e. Consumable non-consumable) items.3. To circulate the list of books among the faculty members.4. To check the stock of the library if damaged or changed should immediately be reported to the librarian.5. To assist the Assistant Manager Information Services in technical processing i.e. cataloging, classifications.6. Automated bibliographic utility duties to include:a. Search database and print edit sheets,b. Enter information into a database according to the format designated cataloger.c. Operate computer printers,d. Perform other computer-related, database maintenance activities.7. To accession the new books and to keep records of new journals.8. Automated system cataloging duties to include:a. Support database authority work,b. Change, correct, and update database,c. Merge bibliographic records,d. Delete and add bibliographic records to database,e. Generate reports9. Barcode, label, and process print and non-print materials.10. Perform clerical duties required to maintain departmental records to include:a. Filing and/or alphabetizing,b. Preparing lists,c. Stamping materials, Ordering11. Shelve returned informational materials and maintain shelf order in assigned sections. Shelf-read assigned sections regularly.12. Sort returned informational items and arrange on shelves and carts for later re-shelving.13. Register new library borrowers and issue borrower cards; update borrower.14. Charge and renew informational items loaned against the borrowers record.15. Route informational item reserve requests into the circulation control system.