PPSC Lecturer Test 31 Oct, 2020

General Knowledge Questions

1. International Youth Day?
2.جا دہ مترادف؟
3 .اردو کا کلاسک اور جدیدشاعر؟
4.”School “is where animals are kept (animal name)?
5. Plant cell wall ?
6. Math question related to square root
7.Math question related to find largest number in ratio
8. Surat Maryam is located at which number among 114 surahs?
9. Muhmamad Bin Qasim defeated?
10. Detriot city of America famous about?
11 Jews are child of which prophet?
12 Deficiency of vitamin b causes

Subject Questions

  1. Probability sampling elements?
  2. Hypothesis?
  3. Controlled vocabulary?
  4. In marketing “Distribution channel” is related to? Place, people, processes
  5. Vendors or publishers who are creators of knowledge are called? 
  6. Sustainability, compatibility of a service?
  7. What is Mesh?
  8. What is PubMed?
  9. What is MySQL?
  10. What is Calibre?
  11. Which one is secondary source? Journal, book, bibliography of bibliographies, bibliography
  12. IP stands for?
  13. In RFID the technology used is?
  14. RDA related to? Cataloguing
  15. Which one is from four elements of searching? Search engine, interface, OPAC, none of these
  16. Which one is used for controlled vocabulary? DDC, UDC, LC, none of these
  17. For Author which MARC tag is used? 020,100, 200, 210
  18. Smallest unit of storage? Bit, bite
  19. What is weblog?
  20. What is ProQuest?
  21. What is Z39.50?
  22. What is Agricola, Lists, journal impact factor, science direct, emerald, Lisa?
  23. What is H-index and I-index?
  24. What is Scirus?
  25. DSpace Software is? Automated software, institutional repository software
  26. What is web.2.0?
  27. Survey techniques?
  28. Non- countable variables is? Age, sex, gender, …another
  29. Tagging in web 2.0 called?
  30. Fact book is a? Primary. secondary . tertiary source.
  31. Operational service or strategical serving
  32. Pakistan research repository developed year?
  33. Short term service is called?
  34. Tacit knowledge
  35. Explicit knowledge?
  36. Probability sampling elements?
  37. National library of Pakistan separated in year?
  38. OCLC year
  39. AACR2 year
  40. PLA was formed in the year?
  41. UNIMARC is developed and managed by which organization?
  42. Focus group technique is used in which type of research?
  43. Reliability in research
  44. Emerald published from
  45. When did AIOU start MLIS? 
  46. GIF
  47. Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine are related to UDC