Library and Information Science MCQs

The first law of library science enunciated by Ranganathan is …

A. Library is a growing organism
B. Books are for use
C. Every book its reader
D. Save the time of the reader

Bibliographical information is related to …

A. Details concerning a publication
B. Information about library timings
C. Information about the number of books in a library
D. Details about circulation statistics

Bibliometrics is …

A. Bibliographical control
B. Bibliographical references
C. Indexing
D. Library research

Informetrics is …

A. Mathematical research related to libraries
B. A branch of Computer Science
C. Mathematical Economics
D. The study of Internet

MARC formats are used for …

A. Classification of reading materials
B. Compilation of bibliographies
C. Cataloguing
D. Industrial purposes

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