Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 6

‘Bibliography’ is — word.
A. An English
B. A German
C. A Greek
D. A Spanish

Bibliomania means …
A. passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books
B. Conservation of rare material
C. Historical bibliography
D. None of these

Bibliophobia is a term used for a person who scares of …
A. Fire
B. Water
C. Books
D. Aeroplanes

The term bibliopole is used for a person who deals in
A. Bibliographies
B. Secondhand and rare books
C. Publishing work
D. None of the above

Bibliotherapy means …
A. The process to compile bibliography
B. Compiling dictionaries
C. Treatment of patient by using reading material
D. None of these

Bio-bibliography means …
A. Compiling bibliography on biology
B. Compiling bibliography on botany
C. A list of works written about an author examining the author’s life and work.
D. None of these
Retrospective bibliography records …
A. Books that published in previous years
B. Books that will be published in future
C. The current publishing material
D. Both a and B


Biblioclast is a person who …
A. Loves books
B. Destroys books for one reason or the other
C. Writes books on bibliography
D. Compiles bibliography

Biblioholism is a habit where a person …
A. Loves to purchase, read, store, admire books in excess.
B. Donates books to orphan houses
C. Builds libraries privately
D. Gathers manuscripts
Biblioklept is the one who …
A. Designs library buildings
B. Steals books and other material from libraries
C. Borrows books from libraries
D. None of the above

Bibliology is the science that studies …
A. Commonalities between biology  and librarianship
B. Books from their origins in human society to the present time
C. Books published before 200 BC
D. The concept of paperless society

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