PPSC Lecturer Test (30.07.2017)

1.       Find the correctly spelt word:-

(A)   Burecracy            B) Bureacrecy    C) Buerocarcy    D) Bureaucracy


2.       The Only Spices of the cat family that lives and hunts in groups is

(A)   Leopards             B) Lions                                C) Cheetahs       D) Cougars


3.       The Pakistani Film ‘Zarqa’ become very popular in Pakistan and the Middle East. Who played the character of Zarqa in Movie?

(A)   Nelo                     B) Mussarat Nazir            C) Zeba                 D) none of these


4.       The Famous Painting “La Gioconda” is better known as:

(A)   The Last Super                  B) Mona Lisa      C) Maddona & Child        D) The Scream


5.       The Hindu song “Vande Mataram” was written by:

(A)   Bal Gangadhar  B) Bankim  Chandra Chatterjee                  C) Rabindranath Tagorr

D) none of these


6.       Which of the following instruments is used to measure earthquake magnitude?

(A)    Lectometer                       B) Anemometer                               C )Selsmograph

D) Pyrometer

7.       Within 6 months of Quaid –e-Azam`s death, Pakistan constituent assembly adopted:

(A)   The first draft of the constitution              B) objectives Resolution

C) Bill of fundamentals Rights                     D) Report on Basic Principles


8.       Who among the following heavyweight boxing champions remained undefeated  in his professional career?

(A)   Muhammad Ali                                 B) Rocky Marciano           C) Joe Louis        D) Larry Holmes


9.       For the Financial year 2016-17, Netherlands emerged as the second biggest investor in Pakistan in terms of FDI.

(A)   Netherlands invested heavily in wind power plants         B) They acquired part of ENGRO

C) They invested heavily in Shipbuilding                                                D) they bought a major private bank


10.   Presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the states of the Council:

(A)   Every 6 months                                 B) every 3 months           C) Every year                     D) Every month


11.   اداس نسلیں کسں کا ناول ہے

(A)  اشفاق احمد      ممتاز مفتی        ممتازمسعود      عبدالللہ حسین


12.   ارباب نشاط کی ترکیب کی ترتیب کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟


13.   RDA related to

(A)   Classification (B) Cataloguing (C) Searching (D) Browsing


14.   “Controlled Group” is a term used in………….. .

(A)   Survey research (B) Historical research (C) Experimental research

(D) Descriptive research


15.   WorldCat is maintained by

(A)   Library of Congress (B) OCLC (C) American Library Association (D) None of the above


16.   One of the following is not an open source software

(A)   A Mandeley       B)Zetro                                 C) EndNote         D)None of these


17.   RSS feed is a tool of

(A)   Graphic design (B) Web 1.0 (C) Web 2.0 (D) Architecture


18.   Kindle is

(A)   Amazon B) Sony               C) ERIC                  D)none of these


19.   Which one is E-Bibliographic database?

(A)   Nature (B) Blackwell (C) ISID (D) Springer


20.   Following is not a social bookmarking site

(A)   Digg (B) Delicious (C) Sqidoo (D) Facebook


21.   On which of the following technologies semantic web is not based?

(A)   RDF (B) Ontologies (C) Cloud seeding (D) URI


22.   The solo Librarian is

(A)   Cataloging (B)Circulation (C) Reference (D) all of these


23.   Payments for the books purchased can be made only after

(A)   Accessioning (B) Classification (C)Cataloguing (D) Arrangement in the shelve


24.  What PERN stands for? …

A.    Personal Network        B. Peshawar Engineering Research News       C. Peace Research News

D. Pakistan Education and Research Network


25.  A good library building is an outcome of librarian and

A.    Registrar

B.    Building Corporation

C.    Finance Officer

D.    Architect


26.  One Gigabyte is approximately equal to …

A.    100,000 bytes

B.    1000,000,0000 bytes

C.    1000,000,000,000 bytes

D.    None of these


27.  ATM means …

A.    Any Time Marketing

B.    Any Time Money

C.    Any Time Machine

D.    Automatic Teller Machine


28.  MARC formats are used for …

A.    Classification of reading materials

B.    Compilation of bibliographies

C.    Cataloguing

D.    Industrial purposes


29.  World-Cat is a/an …

A.    A wild cat

B.    A union catalogue

C.    A tool used in binding

D.    An encyclopedia published from India


30.  Recto is a /an …

A.    Manuscript

B.    Study carrel

C.    Instrument used in binding

D.    Right-hand page of an open book


31.  CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) is the cataloguing of books …

A.    Before they are published

B.    After they are published

C.    Done by cataloguers


32.  Cartographer is a person who …

A.    Publishes books and like materials

B.    Prepares maps, charts etc.

C.    Makes documentaries

D.    Designs library furniture


33.  In Pakistan, ISBN is being allotted to publishers by …




D.    National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad


34.  ISSN is being allotted to publishers by …




D.    National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad


35.  Monograph means …

A.    Periodical publications

B.    A/V material

C.    Manuscripts

D.    Book


36.  Which is the oldest Library in Pakistan

A.    Punjab Public Library

B.    Quaid e Azam Library

C.    Agha Khan Library

D.    Model public Library


37.  Which is the modern library?

A.    LUMS

B.    FCC

C.    Agha Khan Library

D.    IBA Shukur


38.  What is URL of HEC Digital Library?

A.    www.hec.digitallibrary.pk

B.    www.digitallibrary.gov.pk

C.    www.digitallibrary.edu.pk

D.    www.hecdigitallibrary.edu.pk


39.  DOI stands for

A.    Digital Object Identifier

B.    Digital Online Internet

40.  OCR stands for

A.    Optical Character Recognition

B.    Online Central Railroad

41.  Excel is

(A)  Spreadsheet

(B)  Word processing


42.  How to move text in other place

(A)  Copy and Paste

(B)  Cut and paste

(C)  copy and copy

(D)  paste and paste


43.  Value 20 percent increase and 20 percent decrease what will be answer

a.     Doesn’t change

b.     2 %

c.     4%

d.     6%

e.     8%


44.  H index is used for

(A)  Author

(B)   Journal

(C)  Title


45.  Non Sampling frame


46.  Online book store

(A)  Amazon

(B)  Sony

(C)  Samsung

47.  Independent and dependent variable of research


48.  ERIC is database of

(A)  Education

(B)  Energy

(C)  Chemistry

49.  Which is archival database

(A)  Springer link

(B)  Jstore

(C)  Blackwell


50.  UNIMARC was developed by



(C)  LOC

(D)  British Library


51.  British Library is

(A)  Public Library

(B)  National Library

(C)  Academic Library


52.  First formal school of library science

(A)  Punjab University

(B)  Columbia

(C)  Harvard Business Institute


53.  Pakistan Library Association (PLA) was formed in the year…

(A)  1967

(B)  1957

(C)  1968

(D)  1962


54.   Internet public library is maintained by ?

(A)   MIT

(B)   LOC

(C)   Drexel university


55.   Turnitin checks

(A)   Plagiarism

(B)   Originality

(C)   Fake

56.   What is Meta Analysis?


57.  What is internal validity?


58.   institutional repository software is ?


59.   EcoLit is published by?


60.   Library science fall under

Applied science , pure science , basic science etc

61.   Which one of the following protocols is used in transferring file over internet ?

62.   Delphi technique is used in


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