Basic MARC Tags

Tags Tag Name
010  Library of Congress Control Number
020  International Standard Book Number
022  International Standard Serial Number
082  Dewey Decimal Call Number
100  Main Entry  Personal Name
110  Main Entry  Corporate Name
130 Main Entry- Uniform Title
242 Translation of Title by Cataloging Agency
243 Collective Uniform Title
245  Title Statement
250  Edition Statement
501  With Note
504  Bibliography Etc. Note
600  Subject Added Entry—Personal Name
610  Subject Added Entry—Corporate Name
611  Subject Added Entry—Meeting Name
630  Subject Added Entry—Uniform Title
650  Subject Added Entry—Topical Term
651  Subject Added Entry—Geographic
700  Added Entry— Personal Name
710  Added Entry  Corporate Name
711  Added Entry— Meeting Name

What is a MARC record? A MARC record is a Machine-Readable Cataloging record.

And what is a machine-readable cataloging record?

Machine-readable: “Machine-readable” means that one particular type of machine, a computer, can read and interpret the data in the cataloging record. The following pages will explain why this is important and how it is made possible.

Cataloging record: “Cataloging record” means a bibliographic record, or the information traditionally shown on a catalog card. The record includes (not necessarily in this order): 1) a description of the item, 2) main entry and added entries, 3) subject headings, and 4) the classification or call number. (MARC records often contain much additional information.) Click on the link for more detail

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