Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 13


First university to introduce MPhil and PhD in LIS in India
(A) Aligarh Muslim University (B) University of Calcutta (C) University of Delhi (D) University of Madras

Deleted email can be found in the
(A) Trash folder (B) Inbox folder (C) Starred folder (D) Spam folder

Which of the following is an Institutional Repository Software Package?
(A) Joomla (B) EPrints (C) Koha (D) Drupal

Which of the following is a Tertiary Sources of Information?
(A) Journal (B) Bibliography (C) Encyclopedia (D) Bibliography of Bibliographies

Who had given the Minimal, Middling and Maximum theories of reference service?
(A) C. M. Winchell (B) S. R. Ranganathan (C) James I Wyer (D) Samuel Rothstein

Information is …
(A) Raw data (B) Raw knowledge (C) Input data (D) Organized data

WIPO stands for
(A) World Information and Patents Organisation (B) World Intellectual Property
Organisation (C) World International Property Organisation (D) World Information
Protection Organisation

BERN CONVENTION (1886) is concerned with
(A) Translations (B) Copyright (C) Patent (D) Standards

The invisible web refers to-
(A) The internet, since we cannot see it (B) That part of the internet, which is hidden from
the search engines (C) The telecommunication signals which are not seen D) The failure in
accessing the web pages

To which country the credit is given to coin the term information society?
(A) USA (B) France (C) Japan (D) India

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