General Knowledge Questions Part 2

  1. Which article of the constitution of Pakistan deals with bounded labour and slavery? Ans=Article 11
  2. From where Arab spring started? Ans=Tunisia
  3. ANSA is the news agency of? Ans=Italy
  4. America Cup is associated with which sports? Ans=Yachting
  5. Meaning of Sui generis? Ans=of own kind
  6. Which statement is incorrect? Ans=Incorrect statement=Legislature is under judiciary
  7. How many years Nelson Mandela remained behind the bar? Ans= 27 years
  8. Which sea is in central asia? Ans= Aral sea
  9. Wheel is the symbol of? Ans=Progress
  10. Maple leaf is the symbol of? Ans=Canada
  11. Which hurricane attacked in 2012? Ans=Sandy
  12. What is meant by equinox? Ans= Day and night equal
  13. What is widow tears? Ans=Plant
  14. who created the famous character of dracula? Ans= John Polidori
  15. 1 Megabyte is equal to? Ans=1000000 bytes
  16. Land of seven hills? Ans=Rome
  17. 2010 FIF World Cup winner? Ans=Spain
  18. Which country is called cockpit of Europe? Ans=Belgium
  19. Element required for solar energy conversion is? Ans=Silicon
  20. Which vitamin is gained from sunlight? Ans=Vitamin D
  21. Which waves are used in cellular phones? Ans=Radio waves
  22. Arab league was formed in? Ans=Cairo
  23. Which country is in Levant region? Ans=Syria
  24. Which event occurred first? Ans=American war of independence
  25. father of the french revolution? Ans=Jean-Jacques Rousseau