PPSC Lecturer Test (30.07.2017)

1.       Find the correctly spelt word:- (A)   Burecracy            B) Bureacrecy    C) Buerocarcy    D) Bureaucracy   2.       The Only Spices of the cat family that lives and hunts in groups is (A)   Leopards             B) Lions                                C) Cheetahs       D) Cougars   3.       The Pakistani Film ‘Zarqa’ become very popular in Pakistan and the Middle East. Who […]

PPSC sample test Librarian

PPSC test Librarian (30-07-16) 1. BIOS stand for? 2. Computer port is used for? 3. Maslow gave which theory? 4. Citation Indexing is a service? 5. Zero budgeting? 6. 0ne byte =? 7. Gazetteers are used for what? 8. Format does not include? 9. Archive 10. The concept of Invisible college was given by? 11. […]

Library and Information Science MCQs Websites

https://www.examrace.com/Sample-Objective-Questions/Library-Science-Questions/Library-Information-Science-MCQs-Practice-Test-1.html   http://www.lisquiz.com/search/label/General%20Questions%20in%20LIS?updated-max=2012-10-26T10:24:00%2B05:30&max-results=20&start=18&by-date=false   https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6XJMaml3G0WTW5lRDBrNEUwYnM/view   http://www.cbsenetportal.com/search/label/Library%20and%20Information%20Science   https://libraryandinformationsciencecafe.blogspot.com/2015/06/objective-type-question-with-answer-for.html  

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 7

1) The organization that owns all the copyrights of DDC is … A. OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), Ohio B. Forest press C. Oxford University press D. R.R. Bowker 2) The first edition of DDC was published in the year … A. 1875 B. 1876 C. 1877 D. 1879 3) ‘The Punjab Library Primer’, a book on Library Science, […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 6

‘Bibliography’ is — word. A. An English B. A German C. A Greek D. A Spanish Bibliomania means … A. passionate enthusiasm for collecting and possessing books B. Conservation of rare material C. Historical bibliography D. None of these Bibliophobia is a term used for a person who scares of … A. Fire B. Water C. […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 5

  1. Xerographic process is categorised under
    1. Photographic process
    2. Reflex method
    3. Silver halide process
    4. Electrostatic process

    Answer: b

  2. The ‘Study abroad’ is a/an
      1. Encyclopedia
      2. Year book
      3. Directory
      4. Handbook

    Answer: d

  3. The ‘User Profile’ is a
    1. List of descriptors
    2. List of useful citations
    3. List of users
    4. Statement of user information

    Answer: d

  4. Phoenix schedules are part of
    1. DDC
    2. BC
    3. UDC
    4. LCC

    Answer: a

  5. ‘Universal Bibliographical Control’ is a programme of:
    1. FID
    2. IFLA
    3. UNISIST
    4. ALA

    Answer: b

  6. The standard size of a catalogue card is
    1. 12.5 cm X 7.5 cm
    2. 12 cm X 7 cm
    3. 11 cm X 5 cm
    4. 10 cm X 4 cm

    Answer: a

  7. The standard size of a catalogue card is
    1. 5 inch X 3 inch
    2. 4 inch X 3 inch
    3. 4 inch X 4 inch
    4. 3 inch X 3 inch

    Answer: a

  8. RDA related to
    1. Classification
    2. Cataloguing
    3. Searching
    4. Browsing

    Answer: b

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 4

ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to Classification Management ICT Standards Answer: b The subject of Research Methodology is the outcome of the mode of formation of subject, known as Loose Assemblage Fission Distillation Cluster Answer: c IIA founded in U. S. A. In 1968 stands for Integrated Industry Association Information Industry Association Integrated […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 3

________ is an important record of books, which shows the position of any book on the shelves. (A) Bay Guide (B) Authority File (C) Accession List. (D) Shelf List Answer: (D)   Books lost from the library are known through ________ (A) Stock verification (B) Charging and discharging (C) Shelf list (D) Accession Register Answer: […]

Library and Information Science MCQs, Part 2

(1) Intellectual property means? A. Books B. All reading material C. Intellectual thoughts D. All of the above (2) … Law of Library Science stated by S.R. Ranganathan relates to the growth of libraries … A. Fourth law If. First law C. Second law D. Fifth law (3) American Library Association was established in … A. […]

Library and Information Science MCQs

The first law of library science enunciated by Ranganathan is … A. Library is a growing organism B. Books are for use C. Every book its reader D. Save the time of the reader Bibliographical information is related to … A. Details concerning a publication B. Information about library timings C. Information about the number of […]